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Perfect World Luggage will only allow customers to order via the on-line store at or at if the Internet server is secure. The security certificate is built in to your web browser to allow secure access to Internet servers when performing such tasks as on-line banking or providing your credit card number, to protect your personal information.

In some cases, customers may encounter a dialog box stating "Certificate Authority is Expired" when ordering through a secure server. If you receive this dialog box, please click "Continue" and your connection with our web site will be secure. To verify that your browser is secure, look at the bottom of your browser window; Netscape displays a solid key and Internet Explorer displays a closed lock.

To avoid the dialog box in the future, you must upgrade your Browser. To do this, visit your browser's web site and download the latest version of your browser;,, or Be sure to restart your computer after upgrading your browser in order to be able to connect to Perfect World Luggage's secure server and place your order on-line.


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