GOZ: You CAN Take It With You!

Where are some cotton swabs? Are they clean?  Where is a safety pin?  A roll of athletic tape?  A pack of gum?

GOZ is the amazing transforming bag that is designed to handle all of the little things that are always misplaced and lost, especially in emergency situations.  The proprietary Goz bag has features you have never seen before, all designed to help you take it with you!

GOZ: Features

TRANSFORMS IN SECONDS from a small backpack to a flat panel that can hang anywhere or lay flat.  When closed, the Goz is the only bag available today that you can access the complete interior from any side.

HAS STORAGE THAT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. All of the clear vinyl pockets of the Goz pull off and can be replaced anywhere that works for you.  All pockets have extra pockets INSIDE for the tiniest items.  Many pockets can configure to the size of the item placed in them.  There are pull-off "leaf-style" pockets that allow you to leaf through them like pages of book, and there small flip pockets that you can flip through like a rolodex.

TUCKS EASILY OUT OF THE WAY. Even when full, the Goz stores easily under a bed, behind a desk or up on a shelf.  Keep on packed with the little stuff for a quick grab-n-go.

IS ROUGH AND TOUGH: Goz is manufactured to meet strict military specifications and tested in environments from Alaskan winters to desert summers.

Back Closed

GOZ - Back Closed   GOZ - Front Closed    GOZ - Open  

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