EXPAND-IT replaces dusty, disorganized shelves.

EXPAND-IT keeps everything neat and dust-free. Stay calm, cool, and collected because you can see where everything is. Stop uttering expletives as you hunt through a cluttered, jumbled trunk or bin or cabinet. Stop wasting containers and tubes of expensive supplies because they got contaminated with dust and dirt while sitting on an open shelf. Use Expand-It and make storage hassles a thing of the past.


IS PERMANENT STORAGE FOR SUPPLIES while also allowing for a quick "grab-n-go" of your supplies when needed.

KEEPS SUPPLIES ORGANIZED AND IN PLACE: whether at home or on the road, there is a place for everything and everything stays in it's place. NOT MORE HUNTING!! Where an item is at home, is where it is anywhere.

IS LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE TO CARRY. The sensible design is actually human-tested for comfort and easy of use.

HANGS ON ANYTHING: trailer, truck, stall, wall or fence for quick access.

DISPLAYS SUPPLIES IN PLAIN VIEW: Clear vinyl pockets make things easy to find, easy to access.

REPLACES DUSTY SHELVES, cluttered boxes, and jumbled bags. Keeps out dirt and grime and prevents spills from contaminating other supplies with it's two-way zippers.

FREES UP VALUABLE "REAL ESTATE": Nothing underfoot!  Keep walkways clear and safe.  Reduce weight and bulk when packing and tranporting supplies.

SAVES TIME, REDUCES STRESS: No more hassles of rummaging to the bottom of bags and bins.  Inventory becomes easy with the clear pockets used for a visual check-list.  Simplify inventorying and restocking supplies.

EXPAND-IT -Closed with stuff

EXPAND-IT - Closed with stuff   EXPAND-IT - Closed Empty    EXPAND-IT - Open  

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