Sling Kit



Sling Kit eliminates reaching, fumbling, dropping and spilling!

Sling Kit takes medicines and injectibles anywhere. Engineered for hands-free carrying and convenient access, using insulated Sling Kit means that you can feel confident caring for your animal in the aisle, stall, pasture, trailer on on the road. Sling Kit features elastic loops on a fold-down side that snug tubes and bottles, scissors to syringes.Deep compartments hold bottles, jars and bandaging supplies upright. A rimmed shelf with a clear-vinyl lid secures small, loose items. Sling Kit featuring an integrated approved sharps container with one-handed operation! Sling Kit also organizes grooming, braiding, bandaging and other barn supplies for on-the-go access.



FREES BOTH HANDS for examination, treatment, bandaging or braiding

KEEPS SUPPLIES CLOSE to the body for easy access

PROTECTS MEDICATIONS from contamination with dirt or debris

DECREASES HAZARDS when medicating

REDUCES THE TEMPTATION to hold unsafe items with teeth or lips

IS THE IDEAL PACK AND CARRY first aid kit for any situation or emergency

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