What is an "Expand-It" or "Expand-It ULTRA"?

Expand-It and Expand-It ULTRA are an ingenious new storage concept for keeping supplies and equipment clean, in plain view, and easily accessible.

Each patented unit features crystal clear vinyl pockets that allow instant visual inventory of supplies and simplify restocking. Pockets seal quickly, easily and tightly with two-way heavy-duty zippers.

The lightweight, soft-sided Expand-It and Expand-It ULTRA fold up for easy carrying with soft handles or a hands-free shoulder strap. To use, hang it by one of its handles, wrap its carry strap around a post or slat, or hang using the grommets along its top edge. Expand-It and Expand-It ULTRA can also be laid flat for use.

Expand-It ULTRA has the same basic design and function as Expand-It, except that Expand-It ULTRA has quick, easy zip-up side-panels that close the entire unit up when zipped.  When opened, Expand-It ULTRA's side panels fold quickly and easily underneath the bottom panel where they are secured until needed.

Expand-It and Expand-It ULTRA can be used by themselves or to add capacity to the Perfect World Luggage folding Stor-Mor soft-sided trunk system.

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