What is a Stor-Mor? What is a Stor-It?

Both Stor-Mor and Stor-It are soft-sided cases that unfold to become hanging panels with clear pull-off pockets.

These ingenious vertical organizers offer a hassle-free storage alternative to heavy wooden trunks, cumbersome plastic bins, 5-gallon buckets and shelves that never quite do the job right. Multiple clear vinyl pouches in a wide range of sizes hold everything from pencils and tiny tubes of medicines to full spray bottles, medical supplies and sheets. See everything you have at a glance! Every pocket closes with two-way zippers or touch fasteners to seal out dirt, dust and debris.

Using a traditional trunk, bin or duffel means stacking things on top of one another. Murphy’s Law says you always need whatever was packed on the bottom first. Hanging solves this dilemma. Stor-Mor and Stor-It vertically displays all of your supplies at once so that everything is visible and accessible. No more small items lost somewhere at the bottom of a trunk or bin.

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