How can Stor-Mor and Stor-It save me time?

Stor-Mor / Stor-it's multiple pouches create an instant organization system for the disorganized, no matter how chaotic the situation.


Because Stor-Mor and Stor-It display your supplies vertically, rather than horizontally like a shelf, cabinet, or truck, you can see everything at a glance. You’ll stop hunting for things that have worked their way to the back or down to the bottom. You can see instantly when something is missing and needs to be found, or replaced because it’s been used up.

On the road or in the field, owning a Stor-Mor or Stor-it is like having an assistant to help you stay organized. Bot bags can eliminate those paper checklists you obsess over. Pack it once, keep supplies replenished and you are always ready in an emergency. Just fold it up and go! When you arrive at  your destination, just unfold your Stor-Mor or Stor-It, them hang it wherever you find a peg or a rail and supply headquarters is set up in minutes. Stor-Mor and Stor-it's vertical storage system offers complete visual and actual access to whatever you need, whenever you need it. Look. Locate. Grab and go! No more last minute frantic searches through trunks, bins or duffels for those lost items. Stor-Mor and Stor-it offer harried personnel hard-to-beat efficiency, no matter how chaotic the circumstances.

Don’t unpack your Stor-Mor or Stor-it when you get back to home base! Let the amazing bags help you stay organized year-round. Inventory your supplies at a glance. Save money by keeping expensive medicines and dressings dust- and debris-free. When the next emergency arrives, just fold and go. Never stress again about what you forgot to bring!

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