What are the special features of Expand-It / Expand-It ULTRA?


Each pocket secures with 2 heavy-duty zippers to seal out dirt, dust and debris and to contain any content spillage within the pocket.

Because the expandable pockets conform to the size and shape of their contents, there is no wasted space to carry to or from home base or your work site as is typical of trunks and other storage systems constructed of rigid materials.

Because everything is visible at a glance, there is never a need to un-pack the Expand-It or Expand-It ULTRA to take inventory - inventory as you go!


A fully removable 2-inch wide shoulder strap that extends to 36-inches in length.  Multiple hooks on the exterior of both items allow for different carry configurations.

Flat, clear exterior "labeling " pockets that allow the user to color-coordinate the bags within a larger system or list the interior contents of the bag

Flat, clear exterior "secret double" proprietary pockets that allow you display photos or information to the outside, while keeping private papers private in a hidden area behind the display pocket.

Flat, clear exterior pockets for business card display


Both Expand-It and Expand-It ULTRA feature convenient carry handles as well as a completely detachable and adjustible shoulder strap.

Both items also have several strap hooks that allow the user to carry the Expand-It or Expand-It ULTRA either vertically or horizontally.  The user can carry the Expand-It or Expand-It ULTRA either over-the-shoulder, or bandoleer-style across the chest.

At home base, in the truck or trailer, or in the field, the user can lay the unit flat for use. Or hang it by a handle, its carry strap, or using grommets strategically located along the top edge.   

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