What are the special features of Plus-it?

Plus-It is designed with proprietary features you will not find anywhere else.


The interior pockets, though flat, expand and conform to the size and shape of their contents because of their ingenious gussets.  There is no wasted space to carry with you as is typical of trunks and other storage systems constructed of rigid materials.

Because all pockets feature clear vinyl as their main component, locating supplies is as simple as scanning the open bag.  No more digging and rummaging to find what you need. 

The extensive use of extra strong Velcro interior closures ensures that dirt and grime stay OUT and the items inside stay clean and debris free.

Plus-It was created and designed to be for PERMANENT storage and display of your items.  When you travel, you just grab and go.  The Plus-it contents are always in the same place at your home-base as they are on the trail, at the show or in the field. Imagine being able to find a clean cotton swab the first time you look for it!  Always.  No matter where you are.


The exterior of Plus-It features pockets that can be used for color coding a particular bag within a system or for identifying the products inside. 

Two additional pockets are our proprietary "Hidden Double" pockets.  These have an exterior side for displaying information and an interior side for keeping private papers private but always handy.
And, of course, we wouldn't forget additional exterior pockets for your business card.


Hanging the Plus-it is simple:  either hang it on a hook using the carry handles, or use the shoulder strap to hang it up on anything.

Because of Plus-It's slim profile when closed, taking up hanging space isn't necessary. Stick it under or behind your truck seat, between your desk and the wall, or any other nook of unused space.

Plus-It can be carried by it's handles, but is easier when carried by it's adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be quickly configured to carry the Plus-It in either an horizontal or vertical position. It can also be adjusted to be carried bandoleer-style slung across the chest.

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