What is a Sling Kit?

The Sling Kit is a hands-free tote originally designed by a horsewoman that eliminates the frustrating juggling of tubes, vials, syringes, needles, swabs and disinfectants when medicating horses in the barn, trailer or pasture.

Lightweight and insulated, Sling Kit prevents spillage or contamination of expensive medications, organizes supplies for easy access, and provides safe temporary storage for spent needles. With an integrated and approved sharps container, Sling Kit is now as safe as it is practical.

Horsemen, cattlemen, pet owners, doctors and nurses and more, worldwide, are finding a multitude of uses for this hands-free, easy access design.

Picked up by the military for use in field hospitals and for giving on-site injections, Sling Kit's proprietary and patented features have become indispensable in world-wide animal and human treatment under any and all conditions.

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