What are the special features of the Sling Kit?



The Sling Kit is constructed as three sections: The top section, the main body, and Sharps holder.

The Top Section: The top section (or "shelf") has a material "lid" the seals quickly and completely with Velcro. Inside the top section is an area that holds and protects all of the tiny items that seem to disappear during emergencies or end up contaminated by dust and grime. Items such as cotton swabs, individual disinfection wipes, tiny tubes, caps, rubber bands, pens and the like are all secure in this top area. Closed by a clear vinyl "lid" everything can be seen in glance and is kept fresh a debris-free.

The Main Section: The main section is quickly and easily accessible by a drop-down front, secured by Velcro. The interior compartment is the perfect size for large or small injection bottles, cotton rolls, alcohol bottles, spray cans, etc. The 2 padded, movable dividers in this section can snug up against against expensive glass injection bottles to keep them from shifting or falling out. The deep lip formed by the drop-down front also aids in keeping items from falling out. The front drop-down panel has multiple elastic loops on the interior side that secure syringes, tubes and vials.

The Sharps Section: This area is designed to quickly and easily load and hold a specific approved Sharps container. The convenient one-hand operated Sharps container slides easily into the Sling Kit through the top section and can be replaced when full. This is a Covidien (formerly: Tyco/ Heathcare - Kendall) approved Sharps container - model 8303SA.

More information on this item can be found at:

Kendall Sharps Container 8303SA


The Sling Kit eliminates searching and fumbling for items needed in an emergency situation that requires an injection or other treatment. If kept packed with supplies needed in these situations, it is simply a matter of grabbing the Sling Kit and knowing that everything needed is there. The Sling Kit easily goes from shelf, refrigerator or truck to trailer, stall or field. Grab-n-go means no more searching in the dark for items and, instead, saving time and lives.


Hands-free means no more holding needles or syringes in your mouth, lining pins up on your shirt, holding glass vials in your armpit or between your knees. How is the Sling Kit hands-free? Simply adjust the 1-1/2 inch wide strap to your preferred length and either sling it over your shoulder or wear it bandoleer-style across your chest. Either way, your now have both hands free for other tasks. The Sling Kit easily adapts for use by right or left-handers. It's smart design keeps everything accessible, yet safe. The integrated Sharps container can be operated with one hand, and won't fall out of the Sling Kit, even if the Sling Kit is completely opened.


Some expensive medications need refrigeration to maintain their potency. Sling Kit is insulated so that, with addition of ice pack or chilled gel pouches, the tote can help protect the integrity of expensive medications carried to the tent, the field, or on the road. The 1/2-inch insulating foam lining also lends rigidity to the interior dividers to help prevent spillage.


The Sling Kit was originally engineered as a portable, hands-free tote for injectibles. However, creative owners are finding all sorts of uses for the new concept in carry-along supply management. They are using Sling Kits to organize home veterinary kits, first aid kids, braiding supplies, as pet and horse grooming kits, as lunch kits (the elastic loops are great for storing treats!), camera bags and even diaper bags.

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