What is the size and weight of the Sling Kit?



Closed and empty, the Sling Kit measures 12-inches wide, 11-inches tall inches tall and 5-inches deep.

Sling Kit's 1-1/2 inch wide shoulder/ hanging strap quickly adjust from 24-inches to 48-inches in length.


The top compartment of the Sling Kit measures 8-inches wide by 1-inch tall, by 4-inches deep. It's clear vinyl "top" is quickly, easily and completely closed by Velcro strips. It is perfect for storing the tiniest of eye medicines, one-use disinfectant wipes and other small items that tend to disappear when needed most.

The main compartment of the Sling Kit (NOT including the compartment for the integrated Sharps container) measures 8-inches wide, 9-inches tall and 4-inches deep. There are 2 removable and adjustable dividers to snug against breakable containers and keep them in place.

The main compartment for the Sharps container measures 3-inches wide, 10-inches tall and 4-inches deep. It can be used for the integrated, removable Sharps container, or the Sharps container can be quickly removed and the compartment can be used for another item.


An empty Sling Kit, with the incorporated Sharps container, weighs just under 2.5 pounds.

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