What is a Bucket Sling (Sling Sink)?

The Bucket Sling (Sling Sink) re-engineers the common barn bucket and work sink.

Instead of a rigid plastic or rubber shell that stands by itself, a waterproof sling made from 22-ounce rip stop vinyl hangs from a hand-welded steel frame. This flexible sling collapses so the Sling Sink / Bucket Sling stores in only 2-inches of space.

Hanging conventional buckets requires additional hardware such as hooks, hangers, chains or snaps. Portable, one-piece Sing Sinks / Bucket Slings incorporate tub, handle and hanger in a single lightweight system designed with convenience in mind.

Traveling horse owners, backpackers and field surgeons love them.


"Bucket Sling" and "Sling Sink" are different names given to the EXACT SAME PRODUCT!.

The Bucket Sling was originally invented to replace the common barn bucket, hence " Bucket Sling" works well to convey it's purpose.

When the military started testing the Bucket Sling for use as a field sink, it made sense to modify the name to convey the product's ability to be used as a sink, too.

Whether you need it to function as a bucket or as a sink, the Bucket Sling/ Sling Sink does the job and much more.

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