What is the size and weight of the Bucket Sling/ Sling Sink?


Bucket Sling's rectangular frame is 12-inches long by 18-inches wide.

When filled to capacity, the main body (without side panels or strap) measures up to 10-inches tall (deep).

When empty and collapsed, the height is only 2-inches at a maximum.

The protective side panels are 10-inches tall.

The 1-1/2 inch-wide hanging strap can expand to over 3 feet in length.


A Bucket Sling weighs just under 2 pounds. That's one-third less than a conventional plastic bucket and less than half the weight of a rubber barn bucket.


A Sling Sink / Bucket Sling has a 6-gallon capacity (liquid measure). This is equivalent to, or slightly more than, a traditional barn bucket.

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