What are the special features of the Bucket Sling/ Sling Sink?



The Bucket Sling's proprietary rectangular shape is key to it's function and makes the Bucket Sling tip-proof, slip-proof and flip-proof. Conventional buckets, originally designed to pour out contents with ease (think of pouring paint), hang from a rigid metal handle that attaches to the container at two points. Their design makes them inherently unstable and tippy when hung. They roll and shift against flat surfaces such as vehicles walls or fence posts. The Buckets Sling's four-point hanging system creates a stable sink that resists tipping, slipping or flipping, no matter where you use it, or how it is hung.


Animals notorious for flipping their buckets and dumping the contents are foiled by the Bucket Sling. The Bucket Sling's design reduces spilling of it's contents, no matter how much the Bucket Sling is tipped. When the Bucket Sling is tipped, the body creates a pouch for the contents inside, while the metal ring further prevents spillage by creating a physical barrier that the contents cannot easily cross. Also, the protective side flaps add another obstacle to the contents inside. Finally, when hung, the 4-point hanging system discourages tipping and actually prevents complete flipping of the Bucket Sling.


The Bucket Sling/ Sling sink is designed to be carried over the shoulder, leaving your hands free. Carrying two conventional buckets with feed in them requires that two hands be used. Carrying two Bucket Slings with the same amount of feed in them requires that no hands be used.


The bucket sling is unique in that it can be hung absolutely anywhere without the use of any additional hardware. The Sling Sink / Bucket Sling has a 1-1/2 inch nylon shoulder/ hanging strap that adjusts from 2-1/2 feet to 4-1/2 feet and fastens with a heavy-duty side-release buckles like those used for high end duffels and backpacks.

Adjust the length, then wrap the strap an infinite number of ways to shorten or lengthen it. Hang the Bucket Sling on fences, trees, trailers, or your vehicle. Hang it at any height to suit your needs. Whatever your animal's size, the Bucket Sling can quickly and easily be adjusted to their perfect height. Forget carrying chains, wire, twine, easy-links, nippers or other hardware and tools for hanging your buckets, because nothing else is needed with the Bucket Sling!


In addition to its flip-proof and hardware-free design, a collapsible Bucket Sling/ Sling Sink saves valuable space. Bucket Sling's collapsed height is only 2 inches. Slip a few Bucket Slings under the seat of your car or truck so you always have a water or supply tub wherever you go. Stack half a dozen or more Bucket Slings in the same space as a single conventional bucket. Save precious trailer, tent and truck space for other important supplies.



Bucket Slings have been extensively field-tested by the United States Military for use in field hospital surgical suites as both scrub sinks and as disinfectant tubs for surgical instruments. The Bucket Sling has been cleaned and disinfected using all common disinfectants and has passed these tests with flying colors. Cleaning and Disinfecting the Bucket Sling is easy. Just take the Bucket Sling down, turn it inside out and clean it using whatever cleaners you prefer.

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