Stor Mor

STOR-MOR and STOR-IT: Keep Your Supplies Stress- and Hassle-free.
Stor-Mor and the smaller Stor-it rewrite the rules when it comes to handling our supplies at base or in the field.
Finally you can get organized and stay that way with clear pockets for everything you might need. Inventorying your supplies becomes a breeze when everything is visible and organized in clear pockets, complete with spaces for index cards. Keeping your supplies readily available, easy to see and free from debris saves you time, money and most importantly...saves lives!
STOR-MOR and STOR-IT: Features

TAKE IT ALL WITH YOU - PACK SMART! Our system accomodates more product in a smaller space. There is no more "dead space" when you pack.
LOOK! LOCATE! GRAB AND GO! Find things FAST! Everything is in sight and within reach. No more digging in the bottom of a bin or bag. No more rifiling through crowded shelves. Pull off pockets make it QUICK and elminate drops and spills.

INVENTORY WITH EASE: With everything displayed vertically in clear vinyl pockets, as well as labeled and color-coded, inventory headaches become a thing of the past. It quickly becomes clear what is missing and what is still in stock.

PACK UP QUICKLY: Heavy-duty zippers, Velcro and an amazing design will have you packed in a fraction of your normal time. Store your supplies in the Stor-Mor and the Stor-it and repacking becomes a breeze. Both bags hang anywhere, and it only takes moments to have them folded up and ready to go.

SAVE MONEY: Having everything in clear, zipper-sealed pockets means less waste, less loss and less contamination or damage to your things. Being able to see everything in display form mean less money wasted on repurchasing supplies.

KEEP THIS PACK LONGER: Stor-Mor and Stor-it are manufactured to meet strict military specifications and tested in environments from Alaskan winters to desert summers.

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