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Equiproducts - equestrian supply storage

Made with Horse Sense



SKU: GZ1680

A personal travel-friendly sized bag that can carry it all, but still keep it organized, and fits under any plane seat It transforms from a small backpack to a flat panel in seconds.


When completely closed, there is still complete access to the interior of the bag. The GOz unique features include that all pockets pull off for “grab-n-go” convenience. The arrangement of most of the pockets in the bag is customizable. Many of the “bulk” pockets feature an interior storage pocket for the tiniest of coordinating items. Movable dividers within some of the “bulk” pockets helps GOz easily accommodate the different shapes and sizes of supplies. GOz features pull-off “leaf” pockets that act like pages of a book, and “flip” pockets modeled on the flip cards of a Rolodex. Exterior straps convert from backpack loops to a shoulder strap with just a zip. Intuitive pockets on the GOz exterior make color coordination of more than one pack quick and simple. Proprietary “double” pockets on the GOz exterior keep private paper private. 


Specification Sheet for GOz

“Super-Ballistic” 1680D nylon (military level), that repel debris and dust and are asy to clean. 


Empty Weight: 4 lbs 

Sizes Closed: 16”L x 14”H x 7”W total 

Open: 25”L x 125”W: at widest point 



A: 1 @ 4” Wide x 11” High x 1.5” Deep 

B: 1 @ 7” Wide x 12” High x 2” Deep 

C: 2 @ 7” Wide x 5” High x 1.5” Deep 

D: 2 @ 6” Wide x 4” High x 1” Deep 

E: 1 @ 6” Wide x 3” High x 3” Deep 

F: 3 @ 10” Wide x 2” High x 1” Deep 

G: 2 @ 6” Wide x 3” High x 3” Deep 

H: 5 @ 11” Wide x 13” High 

bi-fold, double-sided “leaf” pockets 

I: 15 @ 3” Wide x 3” High 

  • flat “flip”pockets in 3 removable sections 
  • All pockets are made of clear vinyl with either zipper or Velcro closures.  |  877-487-4677

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