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Equiproducts - equestrian supply storage

Made with Horse Sense



SKU: PT1680A

Organizes and transports small, frustrating, odd-ball items; an ingenious storage concept for supplies and equipment that keeps smaller hard-to-store, hard-to-find items clean, in plain view, and easily accessible.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable – The sensible design is actually human-tested for comfort and ease of use.
  • Hangs on anything.
  • Zips completely closed with two Heavy-duty zippers
  • The super slim shape stores easily under a car or truck seat, between a desk and the wall, or in any nook of unused space.
  • Frees up valuable “Real Estate”:  Nothing underfoot!  Keeps walkways clear and safe.  Reduces weight and bulk when packing and transporting supplies.
  • Locating supplies is as simple as scanning the open bag, because all pockets feature clear vinyl as their main component.
  • Odd-shaped items are easily accommodated and there is no wasted space as the interior pockets expand and conform to the size and shape of their contents.
  • Saves time, reduces stress by eliminating rummaging to the bottom of bags and bins and finding useless, dirty items. 
  • Inventory becomes easy with the clear pockets used for a visual check-list.  Simplifies inventorying and restocking supplies.
  • Has both convenient carry handles as well as a completely detachable and adjustable 36-inch shoulder strap.
  • Both over-the-shoulder, or bandoleer-style (across the chest) carrying can be achieved by the use of the multiple strap receptor hooks


When closed by it's heavy-duty zipper, the PLUS-IT is 24 inches long by 11 inches wide; it opens flat to 24 inches long by 22 inches wide.

The Plus-It comes with a 2-inch wide detachable shoulder strap that can expand up to 36-inches long.  The shoulder strap can be attached in different configurations to allow you the most comfortable carrying position.

Inside the Plus it are 6 pockets that are 6-inches tall by 7-inches wide.  These pockets, while flat, are gusseted enough to allow expansion to accommodate odd-shaped items.  They are perfect for CDs and DVDs.

The other 2 pockets are 3-inches tall by 21-inches wide with gussets that allow nearly 6-inches of girth on the products put in them.  These pockets snug around their contents and are great for everything from hand-held staplers to smaller power-strips.


Plus-It Specification Sheet

Empty Weight: 2 lbs.

Size: Closed: 22” Long x 12” wide x 2” Deep

Open: 22” Long x 22” wide x 2” Deep


Interior: 2 @ 9” Wide x 2” High x 1+” Deep

6 @ 6+” Wide x 5+” High x 1+” Deep all attached, “gusseted”

Exterior: 2 @ 3” Wide x 2” flat business card

2 @ 4+” Wide x 6+” High flat “labeling”

2 @ 8.5” Wide x 11” High “double”*


  • “Double” pocket features a 2-layer pocket system with one “hidden” pocket behind a display pocket.
  • All pockets are flat but “gusseted” for expansion
  • All pockets are made of clear vinyl with Velcro


Every Plus-It has 1/2-inch of insulating foam sandwiched between the nylon layers which provides stiffness and shape without rigidity or excess weight. All pockets feature strong Velcro closures and clear vinyl fronts.


The Plus-It zips completely closed with heavy-duty zippers.  

All of the Plus-It's materials have been proven under all environmental conditions ranging from Alaskan winters to the desert heat of Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War and the Iraq War.  |  877-487-4677

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