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Sling Kit

Sling Kit

SKU: SK1680A

Eliminate reaching fumbling, dropping and spilling expensive medications and injectibles. Comes with an integrated and approved Sharps container.


Engineered for hands-free carrying and convenient access, insulated Sling Kit takes medical supplies to aisle, stall, pasture, trailer, or ringside. Eliminate reaching, fumbling, dropping, and spilling. Save expensive medications! Elastic loops on fold-down side snug tubes and bottles, scissors to syringes. Deep compartments hold bottles, jars and bandaging supplies upright. Rimmed shelf with clear-vinyl lid secures loose items. Stick needles or pins into built-in cushion. Made of tough, water-resistant ballistic nylon with easy-open touch fasteners. Sling Kit also organizes grooming, braiding, bandaging and other barn supplies for on-the-go access.


Sling Kit is a hands-free tote designed by a horsewoman to eliminate the frustrating juggling of tubes, vials, syringes, needles, swabs and disinfectants when medicating horses in the barn, trailer or pasture. Lightweight and insulated, Sling Kit prevents spillage or contamination of expensive medications, organizes supplies for easy access, and provides safe temporary storage for spent needles. Horsemen nationwide are finding multitudes of uses for this hands-free, easy access design.


Sling Kit Specification Sheet

Constructed of 1680D "double ballistic" nylon, every Sling Kit features 1/2-inch of insulating foam sandwiched between the nylon layers provides stiffness and shape without rigidity or excess weight.

The handle and the carrying/hanging strap on the Sling Kit are 1-1/2 wide nylon webbing.

All hardware on this tote are up-graded, top-of-the-line nylon side-release buckles and hooks.


One (1) approved Transportable Sharps container is provided with each Sling Kit. This is a Covidien (formerly: Tyco/ Heathcare - Kendall) approved Sharps container - model 8303SA.

More information on this item can be found at: Kendall Sharps Container 8303SA

The Sling Kit's construction has been extensively field-tested and proven under all environmental conditions ranging from Alaskan winters to the desert heat of Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War and the Iraq War.  |  877-487-4677

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